Build a Thriving Brand by Listening to Customers in Complex Situations

StarUpon makes it easy to collect customer response towards the issues your brand most care about, track its performance over time and connect it with ecommerce data to get a better perspective in business decisions

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Centralize Questions

Unlike traditional surveys, StarUpon creates centralize question which you can use in multiple surveys and automation. The centralization helps you with performance tracking and better analytics across different collection sources, segment of customers, surveys and more.

Rewards System

Motivate your customers for taking surveys by offering discounts, with easy to create dedicated rewards for each survey and automatic allocation of unique copon code upon successful submition.

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Activate pre-defined automations that helps you trigger survey requests on customer actions like placing new order, purchasing for the first time, usage of coupon code, order with specific value, or discount etc

Priority And Delay

Prioritize requests when customer qualify for multiple surveys, define how many requests should be sent to a customer and the delay between them.

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Powerful Analytics

With the deep integration of eCommerce data, Starupon makes the survey knowledge worthy of its core. The real-time progress tracking on questions, the individual and overall reports of surveys & automation, and how different segment of customer are behaving towards the same issues.

Brand Personality

Create your brand's unique voice and personality on survey requests and submission form with a complete controller over emails content and submission forms.

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Survey Automations Available Out Of The Box

New Order

Store getting new order from all customers

New Customer

When Customer place their first order

Repeat Customer

Customer performing a repeat purchase.

Order's Value

Store getting order with specific value.

Discount Code

Store getting an order with specfic discount code.

Discount Value

Store getting an order with specfic discount value.

Customer Tags

Customer with specfic tag/s place a new order

Customer Spending

When customer cross the spending limit

Easy Integration With Your Platform

Our 3 minutes pain-free integration with most popular platforms.